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The Lawman Lynch Foundation (LLF) is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. 

Our mission is based on our commitment to serve those in need; with a primary focus on child, youth and community development, by initiating and/or participating in activities that will generate resources/aid for the vulnerable (primarily, but not limited to women, children and the socially oppressed). 

The Lawman Lynch foundation (LLF) has developed extensive partnerships with various networks, Non- State Actors/Civil Society Movements, Governments, various Diaspora Groups and individuals, so as to propel its work and mission in a coordinated, efficient, effective and collaborative manner.


The Lawman Lynch Foundation (LLF)


Only Love

Mission Statement: 

Committed to service and development; collectively ensuring that the needs of those in need are met.

Vision Statement: 

To facilitate an atmosphere that fosters the holistic development of our people.

The LLF on the GO!



Since the inception of The Lawman Lynch Foundation (LLF) in 2008, we have:

(1) Initiated major annual feeding programs dubbed "Pass on the Love"; targeting geriatrics, shut-ins and the homeless. So far we have impacted over two thousand seven hundred and fifty (2,750) individuals/households and we have distribute over five thousand (5,000) grocery parcels with the help of partners.

(2) Focus on the development of our children through the arts (dance, music, drama etc). This is funded through "MUSIC for LIFE"; our annual benefit concert showcasing various entertainers who commit their talents to aiding marginalized children/youth.

(3) "Adopted" over 150 children in marginalized circumstances/communities, ensuring that at last one hot nutritious meal is provided for them on a daily basis while in an early childhood/kindergarten institution. 

(4) Participate in, facilitate and/or initiate programs focusing on education (offering scholarships at all levels where necessary).

(5) Develop a Civic Education curriculum piloted in select Elementary schools to promote positive social behavior among children and young adults.

(6) Routine visits to nursing homes for inspirational patient/resident interactions.

The 5 tenets of The LLF (2016-2018)

  1. Address humanitarian needs in targeted areas, by initiating and/or participating in activities for the advancement of those considered marginalized
  2. Organize and facilitate Youth and Community Development Workshops/events/initiatives, which would include, but not limited to, team-building and advocacy workshops/training for Youth Organizations and/or fitting groups
  3. Conduct, in collaboration with our partners, literacy programs, targeting      unattached youth and their families
  4. Facilitate Parenting workshops, with the aim of empowering and building the capacity of participants
  5. Initiate and/or participate in activities to support the vulnerable, with a focus on children and teens.



The Lawman Lynch Foundation celebrates 10 years of service. We thank our volunteers and donors for believing in us.

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