We work together for the collective. Our philanthropy is built on a foundation of service. We partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to uplift those requiring our services.


Lawman L. Lynch

Founder of the LLF. 

Youth and Community Development Consultant.

Judith Kitson

Management Consultant and Political Strategist.

Aikea M. Thornhill

Youth Development Strategist and Director of Technical Support.


Ian Lyn

Executive Director of The FIRM Agency.

Marketing Expert and Founder of The FIRM Leasing Corporation.

Dwight Day

Attorney at Law and Chief Legal Adviser to the LLF.

Nadene Carpenter

Nonprofit Executive and Chief Executive Officer for Desire to Travel Agency - A multifaceted travel and recreation company based in New York.

JR Giddings

Executive Director of JRG Promotions and Producer of Bikini Under the Bridge.

The LLF Directors

The Directors of the LLF (Judith Kitson, Aikea Thornhill and Lawman Lynch) are also voting members on the Board.

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